Welcome to CITM

Today’s world is a paradigm shift towards competence. In this exciting context, where there are numerous doors of opportunity, education has assumed greater significance.
Centre for Information Technology Management Educational Institutions, aim to mould the student as not only a professional success but also as a true human being. We aim to be the torch bearers of the future with quality course ware, dissemination of knowledge, virtue and morality. We provide the needed academic ambience and the necessary life-skills, so that our alumni experience success beyond their chosen profession

Chairman Messages

Dear Students,
It would be my proud privilege to welcome new batch of students in information technology and management who are aspiring to be with us to fulfill their cherished dream of becoming successful professional in their chosen field of study. I congratulate the parents who have reposed their faith in us and got their wards admitted to our institution.

The present century belongs to science, engineering, technology, management and research. The pace at which innovations in these fields have changed our lives, business, industries and economy is revolutionary. Advanced technologies have redefined man's limit in his journey and opened new vistas of knowledge and imagination.

Our students, the future engineers, scientists, executives and entrepreneurs have to be nurtured and encouraged with a creative approach. We, at CITM institution are ever conscious of redefining our own roles to face new challenges.

The group believes in integrating theoretical and practical knowledge through combined efforts of trained faculty members and technocrats from industry. In this direction, we have taken fresh new initiatives this year by signing collaborative agreements with industry and professional groups with an aim to equip our students with industry relevant skills and updated knowledge using expertise of industry professionals.

The training programs of our Academic Partners enhance employ-ability of our students in a big way. Our students will stand out differently with much conviction and contribute significantly in the developmental process, benefitting the society.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

I wish the students a bright future ahead, filled with joy and success.

Mr. Tholaal Mohamed,